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Top 6 Benefits of Cycling with Kids

Family Bike Rides Have Long-Term Advantages Getting the family out of the house has benefits in itself; improving moods, increasing vitamin D consumption, and boosting creativity. Biking while outside only intensifies those benefits. Including the whole family means getting the kids off of tech and involved in the community. The wide range of Hamax multi-sport

How to Find the Perfect Multi-Sport Trailer

Top 7 Safety and Feature Considerations When Shopping for a Multi-sport Child Carrier There is no shortage of “must-have” equipment when kids are in the picture. Most parents have budget and space limitations, so finding multi-purpose solutions that grow with your children are a win-win! That’s why a multi-sport trailer that converts to a stroller

5 Top Uses for a Multi-Sport Bike Trailer

They’re not just for hauling kids - see how handy a multi-sport bike trailer can be! More than just bike trailers for kids, a multi-sport bike trailer is a convertible carrier that allows you to do a variety of activities with your little ones. Multi-sport bike trailers are designed to transform from bike trailer to

Hamax Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award for Design

The Hamax Outback, a multifunctional  child bike trailer that can easily transform into a stroller or jogger, recently received the 2016 Red Dot Award for Product Design! Out of 5,214 products up for the award,  jury members from 57 nations chose the Hamax Outback as one of the winners of this prestigious award! For Hamax to

7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Child Bike Seat

As a parent, one of the best things in life is getting to introduce your kids to something that you love. If this activity is cycling, there are a number of options that make it easy for you to bring the littles along. For a compact solution that offers lightweight maneuverability, nothing beats a child

Find the Perfect Fit for your Kids Bike Seat

Rear-mounted carrier racks are extremely useful when carrying loads on your bicycle. Yet having a carrier rack can present a problem whenever you want to take your child out on a ride. Many commercial rear-mounted seats require you to remove your carrier rack for installation – such a nuisance! Luckily, even with a carrier rack,