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The Outback is a breeze to use with a host of safety and convenience features ideal for active families. Top of the line safety features, a durable aluminum frame, and a sleek, aerodynamic design make the Outback a standout in the multi-sport carrier category. The trailer is easy to fold and transport, versatile in use for all kinds of terrains and is very easy to transform into a stroller or jogger.

Safety features include an adjustable 5-point harness and reflectors/reflective material on the front, rear, and sides for maximum visibility.

*Reclining Seats not available until May 2020.

Bike Trailer      Stroller      Jogger*        Ski Kit*

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Product Features

Experience the Hamax Difference

  • Easy Multi-Sport Conversion
    Standard model includes stroller and biking kit. *Jogger wheel with hand brake sold separately. Double lock with green safety indicator for secure attachment.
  • Quick-Fold Feature
    Cabin and adjustable Push Bar collapse easily for convenient transport in a car.
  • Quick-Release Rear Wheels
    Disengage quickly for even flatter storage.
  • Roomy and Open Cabin
    Wide, UV-protected windows maximize visibility and comfort. Includes sunshade, bug screen, and rain cover. Generous XL- sized cargo space offers ample storage for supplies or interchangeable kits.
  • Adjustable Shock Suspension
    Ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for passenger and driver.
  • Padded, Relaxed Seats
    Contoured seats hold passengers in comfort with padded 5-point harness and ergonomic, adjustable Head Rests.

    Multi-Sport Conversion

    Easy 1-Click transition between Multi-Sport Kits

    Bike Trailer

    Hitch the Outback to your bike and explore the outdoors with your child (children for dual). The sturdy, roomy aluminum frame keeps them secure and comfortable, yet is lightweight enough to allow you to enjoy the ride!


    Easily switch to the stroller wheel to transition the Outback for a relaxing walk or shopping trip. The height-adjustable handle and responsive wheel make navigating with this stroller a breeze.


    Sold Separately


    Swap out for the jogger wheel with hand brake attachment (sold separately) when you’re ready for a workout! The 16” wheel ensures a smooth, steady ride and the adjustable suspension ensures a comfortable experience for the passenger.

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    Ski Kit

    Replace with the ski attachment (sold separately) during the winter and keep enjoying the outdoors! The adjustable harness and suspension ensures a comfortable experience for both the skier and the passenger.

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    Scandinavian Safety

    Safety is our number one priority

    Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Carriers are EN & ASTM safety certified and phthalate-free.

    • Winner of Red Dot Product Design Award
    • Adjustable 5-point harness and reflectors
    • Reflective material on the front, rear, and sides for maximum visibility.
    • Certified EN 15918/EN 1888/ASTM 1975/ASTM 833.
    Safety logos for toddler bike seats

    Product Dimensions

    Hamax Outback Product Dimensions

    Outback One Weight: 43.9 lb. (19.92 kg.)
    Outback Weight: 51.1 lb. (23.19 kg.)

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Trailer Size

    Single Seat, Two Seats


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    User Testimonials

    Stories from our customers

    Hear what Tyler has to say about his family’s Hamax Outback

    (Spoiler Alert: They love it!)

    Hear what Tyler has to say about his family’s Hamax Outback

    (Spoiler Alert: They love it!)

    19 reviews for Hamax Outback – Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer – Stroller – Jogger*

    1. John

      It’s easy to assemble, features are easy to use, built like a tank and my son loves going for rides.

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    2. Anonymous

      One of the tires rattles like something is loose inside.

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    3. Luis

      Great product, easy to install on the bike, sturdy, surprisingly light to pull and safe for the kids.

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      Image #1 from Luis
      Image #2 from Luis
      Image #3 from Luis
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    4. Jess

      The outback is very easy to assemble and changed from stroller, jogger, bike and ski. I like the style, design and ease of use a over any other big trailer I’ve seen this includes the Thule/Burley/croozer. Seems easier to put together and change use. However, I would have liked to be able to cover the front bottom air vents while still venting Florida can really rain! – down pours come on sudden and rain jumps up from the ground. Lastly the sun shield does not shield my little one sufficiently for Florida sun, especially since she is such a little tike, I don’t want her exposed to sun too much yet. The baby insert makes this sun shield work even less than otherwise as the baby sits forward more. She also kicks and rests her feet on the front flap cover since the infant seat places her closer to the front of the trailer. Other than that issue the infant seat is so good that if I tip my little one side ways or forwards she stays put! No movement and her head is secure in place. But one still must be cognisant that little necks aren’t very strong yet. She’s 4 months.

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    5. Emily Mccoy

      I absolutely love this bike trailer. After hours and weeks of research and reading reviews we decided to purchase this trailer. I love the way it looks, sleek and stylish. Both girls enjoy riding in it as a stroller and my toddler absolutely loves to ride behind the bike. In fact at the end of the ride, she gleefully yells, “AGAIN! Again!” The package was slightly damaged (not hamax’s fault) resulting in minor damage to the trailer. I contacted customer service (which I didn’t even have to wait on hold for!) and they sent out a new screen (ours had a small hole) and made the situation right. I love the screen to keep the bugs off and the large windows so the girls can see! We also got the baby insert which is very nice.

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      Image #1 from Emily Mccoy
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    6. Julie

      My husband and I are outdoor people so we wanted to have a stroller that you can use outside for hiking and biking not just on paved trails. So we bought the hamax outback one for our newborn baby. It works perfectly. We love the suspension, the bug net and the jogging wheel which we not just use for running but for hiking too.
      I love the baby insert which allows the baby to lay down and not to sit like in a car seat. That position is much better for their health then to sit for a longer time.

      The only thing that we were really upset about was the damage it already had when it arrived. There was a scratch in the window and a little dent in the frame. The package also had holes in it. Maybe hamax has to improve their shipping methods.
      But all in all we really like it as a stroller and as a bike trailer so I don’t want to give only four stars.

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    7. Luana H Ferreira

      Is a amazing bike trailer! I think is the best!
      But the featured as a stroller isn’t good enough! Is wider than most doors, and it fall back very easilly when the children exit it.
      And is very heavy, so its dificult to travel with it as we would like to do!

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    8. Zhe Zheng

      We love the trailer , but it is little too heavy to lift up . Plus, we still have not able to collapse the trailer after one year used . We tried many times . But so far, we still enjoy using it daily.

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    9. Anna Geissler

      I love it! I bought it for my 2 year old twins who were getting too big for our smaller double jogger. It’s worked excellent for jogging, walking, biking with them. We use it daily to walk to and from our school about a mile away. They seem comfortable and safe in it. It folds down easily when needed, the handle height adjustment is nice when my older daughter wants to help push, good storage in back. My only complaint is the covers (screen and plastic) have no good way to be secured back when not in use so they flap around and end up in the way. Fix that and I would give it 5 stars!

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    10. Jacob Plett

      One of the finest gifts we purchased for our family. The product is top notch. Customer service is second to none. We’d buy again!

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    11. Vlad Mincu

      Best 2 child jogger for the money hands down. Solid build and although I have ready that it is heavier than the competition, you definitely don’t feel it when pulling or pushing. Quality is excellent as well. Best purchase made for our children to date. Very easy to swap the accessories too.

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    12. Angela Stollmeyer

      This is the best ( not perfect) but best outdoor/running/bike trailer. It is EXTREMELY WELL MADE!!! The entire stroller is reflective. So safe! I bought it knowing it was a big stroller and that’s what I love about it, is so comfortable for my very large son. He is just turning 2 and is 37 inches tall and 34 pounds heavy. He has room to bring his cars books and snacks when we go for a run or bike ride.
      This is not a REGULAR STROLLER! Nor a Disney Stroller. Because of its safety features is very heavy but I very much appreciate that as a parent. God forbid a car hits u is not going to be as bad a regular running/bike trailer. If u live in a small place do not buy this item before measuring your doorways and hallways. For me this stroller was a life saver as my baby didn’t crawl so I had to carry him all around the house and since he was so heavy I would put him in this stroller zip up the net and put his toys inside knowing that he would be safe without having to be strapped in. It was very comfortable for my baby and very practical for me. I wish the sides were ventilated and that you could recline the seat, for me this would make it perfect. We do not use the running wheel this stroller is so well made u really don’t need it. I get tons of compliments on our stroller is such a good looking well made and even fashionable stroller so cool!

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    13. Ryan

      Perfect for my 2 kids age 2 and 4 when i gonto a theme park. Excluding Disneyland because they restrict dual strollers.

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    14. Angie

      Love it!!! I bought this for the last two of my crew of kids. I love riding my bike and although they do as well this gives me the freedom to ride at a good speed and in any weather. I love that I can switch to the stroller without it being a hassle.

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    15. Dan

      The stroller has been pretty great overall.

      Very versatile
      Easy to push
      Tons of storage

      Being so large it is hard to get through some doorways
      Hard to lift in/out of the car
      Needs a better solution for putting away the rain cover
      No ventilation on the sides/back

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    16. Jessica Blazek

      I have researched bike trailers thoroughly… for months… and from the beginning the Hamax was at the front of the pack. I just kept going back to it and finally decided it was the one. It was such a great decision! The kids both absolutely love it and seem so supported and comfortable. I was excited for how big the side windows are because they can see so much. The hard, rubberized, supported floor is so nice. The storage space is huge… bike helmets, extra tire, speaker, diaper bag, water bottles…. all fits with more space. Super easy to push as a stroller.
      Yes it is heavy when loading it into a car, but I haven’t met a double stroller that isn’t! And it’s only for a second while loading or unloading, so I wouldn’t use it as a deciding factor when choosing a trailer. I don’t think it feels heavy when pulling it at all.
      I thought I would be disappointed that the seat doesn’t recline, but it is honestly at a perfect angle. My daughter naps happily and comfortably in there. So again, I wouldn’t use that as a deciding factor when choosing between the Hamax and another brand. It is a high quality trailer/stroller and we are just so in love with it!
      The ONLY cons I would say… needs a console for the stroller, but you can buy a generic one and that problem is solved. And the other con is I wish the jogging tire could swivel or lock in place, it is currently just a fixed tire for the jogging attachment. (The stroller wheel swivels though) Not a deal breaker. The stroller wheel does fine on gravel paths so far.
      Thank you Hamax! We are loving the quality and care you put into this trailer!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jessica Blazek
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    17. Stephanie K.

      Like most, we have read every review, safety rating, and comfort level for tons of bike trailers. Hamax is BY FAR the best! We’ve used it as a trailer, stroller, and jogger. It’s lightweight when towing or pushing, although it’s a little heavier than most when putting it in the car. Despite the weight, it comes apart easily and clicks back together in a snap. My daughter is not only safe, but very comfortable. She never wants to get in her stroller but actually climbs into our Hamax Outback. I love that it has a screen, with our awful mosquito season it gives us peace of mind when traveling through wooded areas.
      It’s appearance is unmatched. Just yesterday a woman driving stopped her car to ask us where we purchased our outback because it’s “beautiful.”
      We purchased the double in hopes that we have another child and we won’t have to upgrade at that time. I would absolutely buy again if we have more than one!
      As far as customer service goes, Hamax is also #1. They notified me immediately when the color we wanted was back in stock. We had a couple issues with shipping/handling where items came damaged and our rain cover was missing. Hamax was on it right away and got the products out to us ASAP.

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    18. Grissel Olson

      We enjoy our stroller.
      It maneuvers great as a walking stroller and a bike trailer.

      Just a few details that made me reconsider my purchase. Packaging was extremely damaged during shipping causing damage to spokes on one wheel. Customer service was very helpful with assistance to this issue.

      The stroller is VERY bulky. Will not fit through the front doorway when assembled.

      We are avid Disneyland goers and the stroller is no longer an option due to its size.

      The jogging wheel does not turn/swivel so when we go for a jog it is difficult to steer.

      As a bicycle trailer it’s great. Just heavy once you add two children.

      If I could I’d return it. We’ll have to sell it and buy a new one to be able to take it into Disneyland park.

      Or if they could in the very least create a modification system for the back wheels so they ride under the stroller. That would free up enough width to go through doorways.

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      • Hamax USA

        Thank you for your feedback Grissel, we greatly appreciate it.

        Jogger wheels typically do NOT turn (that is why you’ll often see jogger strollers have a lock-out function for the front wheel). You may want to try jogging with the standard stroller wheel and see if that’s a better fit for you. Yes, it is true that the width is broader than most standard strollers (34″), the cabin is designed to accommodate two children comfortably. The primary function of the Outback is as a bike trailer, which is why it must be wider and have the wheels on the outside instead of under, for stability.

    19. Jennifer Harrell

      We bought our outback for my special needs daughter. She is 6 and usually in a wheelchair but she fits perfectly in this! It supports her well and keeps her cool ans protected. We couldnt be happier! Highly recommend to anyone!

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