Family Bike Rides Have Long-Term Advantages

Getting the family out of the house has benefits in itself; improving moods, increasing vitamin D consumption, and boosting creativity. Biking while outside only intensifies those benefits. Including the whole family means getting the kids off of tech and involved in the community. The wide range of Hamax multi-sport trailers and child bike seats allows even families with several small children the opportunity to get out and see the (local) world.

Bike Your Way to Better Health

Family bike rideJust like any other exercise program, biking will have a positive effect on your fitness level. The bonus here is that biking is fun; you get to go fast, around curves and down hills, all while seeing the beautiful sights your city has to offer. Even with young children who are riding as passengers, introducing a healthy activity can have lifelong perks.
Spending time outside and exercising have both been shown to improve moods and lift depression, which makes biking a double whammy! This low-impact exercise fits nicely into every routine and can be done at almost any age. Cycling will increase stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness – and you can be as intense as you want. Not feeling it today? Take a lazy ride down to the park. Ready to get moving? Check out the best bike routes in your area and gear up for the day!

Perform Better in School Through Biking

Several studies and surveys from actual teachers have reported that kids who bike to school are more alert and ready to learn than those kids who travel by car. The fresh air and excitement of the wind blowing in their hair is a good wake up activity. Even if your littles aren’t in school yet, a bike ride could be just what they need to open their minds. And who knows, maybe you’ll finally kick that second cup of coffee.

Modeling Good Biking Behavior

family bike rideAs parents, we all want our children to grow up to be successful and happy. Bringing the kids along as passengers lets parents start modeling successful biking behavior early. This helps the children gain interest in bicycling and learn good behaviors such as arm signals. Children will also learn to balance and engage their core muscles when seated in a front or rear child bike seat.
In a Hamax Outback bike trailer, your child can learn to be responsible for their things while riding. Make sure you don’t forget the helmets – for both parent and child.

Cycling Provides Low-Cost Entertainment

While Netflix is pretty cheap entertainment, biking is essentially free! Discovering that new trail your kids have been begging you to go down for weeks, a quick ride over to the park, or that much needed downhill, wind in the hair, speed demon thrill, are way more fun than yet another show. Plus, cutting down on the gas expense means a little extra in your pocket, … or those cute shoes you’ve been eyeing.

Biking With Your Family is Good for the Environment

We know that minivan is convenient when transporting the kiddos to the library, park, or sports practice, but it’s way more fun to travel by bike. Using a Hamax trailer, you can easily carry the kids and all their stuff back and forth from activities. The Outback multi-sport trailer has a spacious storage compartment for sports equipment, groceries, or library books. And while you’re puffing up that hill, you can think about the good you’re doing for the environment and your legs.

Bonding With Your Children and Your Community Through Biking

Family bike rideIncluding your children in an activity that you enjoy can strengthen your bond and improve your relationship. They get the chance to experience things with you, and if your child is small enough for a front mounted child bike seat, you can see through their eyes too! Your baby can point and babble, and you can have an eye on her the whole time.

Older children will enjoy seeing their neighborhood from a different perspective and will start to build a real sense of community. Invite the neighbors out for an evening ride and get to know them, or stop off at that little coffee shop you’ve been meaning to try but can’t seem to find a parking spot at. If you’re up for it, let your child chose the route and make the hand signals when turning. What a sense of freedom and independence they will experience while boosting their self-confidence and becoming more comfortable in their neighborhood.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to get the kids out and about with you on the bikes, take a peek at the Hamax child bike seats and multi-sport bike trailers. Hamax is an award-winning brand from Europe that recently expanded to the United States. Don’t miss out on these kid-approved, transportation must haves!

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