Choose from the best stroller costumes for your little one this year.

Costumes are fun for every member of the family, even those who aren’t quite steady on their feet or fatigue early. Don’t cover up those creative outfits with a boring stroller – use it as part of your kiddo’s costume! We’ve pulled together the best stroller costumes for 2019 using the Hamax Outback Strollers. When the stroller is part of the costume you can show off your munchkin and your handiwork at the same time!

Magician Stroller Costume

best stroller costume magicianEverybody can appreciate a little extra magic in their day. To create this adorable magician outfit you need a printed Tuxedo t-shirt and a tulle skirt for your little one. If pants are more your style, that’s totally cool too! Add a few magician tricks of the trade such as a stuffed bunny and top hat, magic cards, or a wand. Just make sure to keep all accessories age appropriate or out of reach. This costume works great for both genders and lots of ages. Let the kiddos cast a spell on the neighbors and steal all the candy with this perfect stroller costume.

Astronaut Stroller Costume

best stroller costume astronautsThis costume is one that the whole family can get in on! With astronauts of every shape and size, and a stroller to match your neighbors will be over the moon to see you. With a few NASA inspired accessories and a jumpsuit for each member of the family, this is an easy DIY stroller costume. Customize it for your family with name tapes on the jumpsuits, or even have one member dress as an alien. You never know who you’ll meet in space!

Princess Stroller Costume

best stroller costume princessDoes your daughter dream of being a princess? Give her the royal treatment this year with a carriage custom built for her. This DIY stroller costume is easily created with a yard or two of tulle, a couple strings of battery powered LED lights, and some ribbon. Clear tape holds the tulle in place, and the interior pockets of the Outback are the perfect place to stash the battery packs for the LED lights. Looking to upgrade this stroller costume to the next level? Get dad to dress up as a knight in shining armor.

Free Puppies Stroller Costume

best stroller costume free puppiesPossibly the easiest of all our DIY stroller costumes this year, it’s also the cutest! All you need is a puppy costume, a cardboard sign, and a few stuffed (or real!) friends. For our cuddly puppy, we added ears on an elastic string and a nose made from eyeliner pencil. Easy clean up after trick-or-treating is always a plus! Need to incorporate another member of the family? Use the Outback double stroller and get brother or sister to dress up as a puppy as well. Or perhaps a dog catcher if the mood strikes!

The Hamax Outback stroller is perfect for any occasion – from workouts to shopping to trick-or-treating and even skiing! Let us know if you make one of these top stroller costumes this year – we’d love to see your creation!