They’re not just for hauling kids – see how handy a multi-sport bike trailer can be!

More than just bike trailers for kids, a multi-sport bike trailer is a convertible carrier that allows you to do a variety of activities with your little ones. Multi-sport bike trailers are designed to transform from bike trailer to stroller to jogger – all in one carrier so you can take your child just about anywhere you want to go, any way you want to travel. But a multi-sport bike trailer isn’t just limited to toting your kids around. Read on to find out our top 5 uses for a multi-sport bike trailer.

Fun for the Whole Family

Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Bike TrailerThese trailers are designed to transport the kids right? Of course that’s their original function, so obviously we had to put it at the top of the list. Whether you are going out for a recreational ride or dropping off the kiddos at school, a trailer that easily attaches to your bike is a must. If that bike trailer happens to convert to a stroller you can use once you reach your destination, even better!

There’s nothing better than sharing an active lifestyle with your kids. But those kids grow, and wouldn’t it be nice to know you can get more out of your trailer?

Haul Groceries or other Errand Cargo

Many multi-sport bike trailers have built-in storage areas that are perfect for hauling those extra groceries or books from the library. The Hamax Outback strollers offer 22”x11”x23” of storage behind the seats. If that’s not enough room, make sure to pack the vegetables up front with the kids, or you might be missing some groceries when you arrive home.

Carry Sports Equipment

No longer are coaches, parents, and kids limited to using a car. With the versatility of a bike trailer, you can put that bag of balls, football gear, or golf club set in the trailer and get a little extra cardio in on the way to practice. Parents, free up your arms and pack up the chairs, umbrellas, and snacks for a leisurely ride (or stroll) on the way to watch your kids games. Easily removable and/or collapsible seats inside the trailer are extra features on the Hamax Outback that allow for storage of long or bulky equipment.

Give Your Furry Friends a Ride

Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Bike Trailer PetsJust like kids, dogs can often get tired on a long ride or run. Or maybe your four-legged friend is aging and can’t keep up. Whatever the situation, most dogs love to get out of the house! Using a multi-sport bike trailer is a fun way to bring Fido for a run around the park, a walk around the block or even a visit to the vet. By enclosing the carrier with the mesh cover, you’re able to keep them safe and confined, but treat them to some well-deserved fresh air.

Tote the Drink Cooler

Any fun trip to the beach or park isn’t complete without a cooler full of ice, drinks, and snacks. What isn’t fun is having to lug it there and back! A large stroller is the perfect solution for getting that cooler out to the picnic site without straining your back. Plus, the idea of a cooler full of cold drinks on a hot day will get everyone on board with using your new multi-sport child bike trailer in new and different ways.

These are just 5 unique ways to use your multi-sport child bike trailer. Can you think of any other ways you would use your trailer?