Kids Bike Seat Fitting Guide

Rear-mounted carrier racks are extremely useful when carrying loads on your bicycle. Yet having a carrier rack can present a problem whenever you want to take your child out on a ride. Many commercial rear-mounted seats require you to remove your carrier rack for installation – such a nuisance!

Luckily, even with a carrier rack, fitting a Hamax USA kids bike seat to your bicycle is easy! Hamax engineers have spent decades perfecting the design of our bike seats to make a bike ride with your child as safe and easy as possible. Here are the two ways in which you can mount the Hamax to your bicycle.

Frame Mounted Option

As the name implies, this option fastens onto the frame of your bike with a bracket for a secure fit. Since Hamax USA has one of the smallest Lockable Bracket designs on the market, it mounts on the bike frame without interfering with important components or your comfort. This frame-mount option offers easy installation, quick-release functionality and green safety indicators to ensure secure installation.

Better yet, the Frame Mount option has a dual-bar steel suspension system that is designed to provide optimal comfort for you and your co-passenger!

Hamax Kids Bike Seat Frame Mount

Rack Mounted Option

As long as your carrier has a minimum 55 lb. weight capacity, the Hamax rack-mount will securely situate on top of the carrier rack itself. Its innovative twist-closure design allows for tool-free installation and dismounting for transfer between rack carriers on different bikes. This style also accommodates e-bikes, carbon, or non-standard frames with an installed rack carrier.

Like the Frame Mount, the Rack Mount option offers a suspension system. Its dual spring design offers superior comfort for your little one.

Hamax Kids Bike Seat Rack Adapter

Finding the Right Mounting Option is Easy!

Though finding the right kids bike seat option to fit your bicycle is usually simple, we have awesome support staff to help you be sure that you get the correct options for the Caress model. Hamax USA Customer Service is available and happy to help with any fitting issues post-purchase. Customer Service can be reached at: 877-252-4560 (8am-4pm PST) or [email protected]