Tips for Safe Bike Riding in the Rain

Do you remember how much fun it was to splash through the puddles as a kid? Relive your childhood by riding in the rain this season! While we don’t actually recommend that you bike through the puddles (hello flat tires!) riding in the rain is quite enjoyable and you’ll keep your skills fresh year round. Don’t forget to bring the kids along so they can enjoy the puddles too! Made easy with the Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Bike Trailer, which seats one or two. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your ride and keep you and the kiddos as comfortable as possible while riding in the rain.

Dress to Stay Dry

It’s no fun to be wet, and the wetter you get, the colder you will be. To keep your core warm, we recommend a waterproof vest or jacket that has a dropped skirt in the back as well as a hood. This protects you from not only the rain coming down but the water splashing up from the roadway. Underneath the jacket, be sure to wear wicking fabrics made of wool or polypropylene. Your body will sweat from the hard work of pedaling rain or shine, and you don’t want to come home soaked from the inside. Neoprene booties and full fingered gloves that are water and wind resistant will help protect your fingers and toes from both the rain and the cold.

Keep the Kiddos Comfortable

riding in the rain cover

The Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Bike Trailer comes with water-resistant fabric and a plastic cover, but if you’ll be riding in heavy weather we recommend purchasing the Rain Cover as well. This will keep the kids extra dry and reduce much of the wind that may come through the zipper. Wearing jackets and hats, and packing a few extra warm blankets will make sure the kids are nice and cozy during your ride. For an extra special treat, bring along an insulated cup full of hot chocolate for each of the kiddos or take a rest stop at your local cafe.

Bike Care

While riding through the rain can be quite enjoyable for the riders, the weather can take a toll on your bike. Make sure that you are properly wiping down your bike after each ride and applying lube to the chains and gears so they don’t rust from the moisture. Adding fenders to your bike can also cut down on the amount of spray that makes it back up into the air and onto your bike. Try to avoid large puddles which can wreak havoc on your bike. Broken wheels or flat tires are no fun – especially in the rain.

Stay Visible

riding in the rain kids

Whether it’s a downpour or a light sprinkling, rain can make it hard to see for both bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers. Combat this problem with special LED lights made specifically for the Hamax Outback Trailer and by making sure that your reflective gear is visible. Check out our blog for other visibility tips such as making personalized reflective vests (you know you want one!).

Brake Early

Bikes handle differently in the rain than during perfect summer days. Roadways can be slick, especially the painted lines and metal surfaces. Try to avoid these areas and learn to brake early and softly. Plan ahead if you need to go around a corner or stop completely as most brake pads need a full revolution to squeegee out the water and begin stopping your bike.

Many cyclists and other exercisers stay inside when it’s raining. By heading out on your bike, you’ll have the road, path, or trail to yourself, gain confidence in the handling of your bike, and have a greater appreciation for those sunny days. Visit our accessories page to make sure you have everything you need to keep your kiddos comfortable in their Outback trailer.