Keep the Family Safe With These Biking Visibility Tips

Biking can be a fun activity for the whole family, but you’ll want to put a top priority on staying visible while cycling. Making sure that cars, runners, and other cyclists can see your family is the first step to being safe while on outings. And it starts before you even leave the house. You can make sure that the kids are wearing bright colors, put reflectors on everyone’s helmets, and even have the munchkins wear their favorite light up shoes. Do they make those for adults yet?

Keep reading to learn how Hamax helps families stay visible while cycling, and running or walking with the Outback multi-sport trailer.

Best Ways to Stay Visible While Cycling

Wear a Reflective Vest

While a reflective vest may not be the most attractive thing to wear, it will certainly help keep you visible during early morning or dusk rides. To make the vest more fun to wear, get the family in on decorating them – one for mom and one for dad. Grab some glow in the dark puffy paint and maybe some sequins, and let the kids help personalize your outfit. Not only will no one ever snag your vest at the park, but your kids will look forward to making and wearing theirs when they get their very own bikes too. Now, go out there and own it!

staying visible while biking with hamax outback flag

Use the Flag on Hamax Outback

Each and every one of the Hamax Outback multi-sport trailers come with a flag that can be used when walking, running, or cycling. It raises the height of the trailer to 65″ (almost 5.5 feet) helping drivers and other bicyclists to see you and the littles in tow.



Apply Reflectors Liberally on Outback Trailers

The creators at Hamax definitely had visibility on their minds when they came up with the trailer design. Not only did they include the flag to provide height, but all of the piping on the edges of the trailer is reflective. The rear wheels also have two orange reflectors attached to the spokes and there are two additional red reflectors on the rear of the Outback multi-sport trailer.

stay visible while cycling with hamax caress child bike seat

Add Reflectors to the Back of Hamax Caress Child Bike Seats

Just in case you are riding with a Caress rear child bike seat instead of the Outback trailer, Hamax has included a red reflector on the back of the seat. The reflector provides one more way to make sure that you are visible to others using the road, path, or trail with you.


Grab an Extra Head Lamp, Flash Light or LED Light

If you’re still feeling a little in the dark, adding a head lamp or a flashing light to your handle bars can provide extra light to see the path by and create a larger light profile for other riders and cars to more easily see you. Letting an older child in the trailer carry an extra flashlight is a great way to let them participate as well.

We know how tempting a bike ride is on those warm summer nights, especially if everyone is feeling a bit restless or there’s a movie in the park. Make sure that you and the fam are staying visible while cycling by following as many safety precautions as you can. If you’re in need of a new favorite route check out some of our favorite trails here. No matter where you came from, or where you’re going, have a great ride!