Not just for walking – see how handy a multi-sport stroller can be

More than just a stroller, a multi-sport bike trailer is a convertible carrier that allows you to do a variety of activities with your little ones. Multi-sport strollers are designed to transform from stroller to jogger to bike trailer to ski trailer. An all-in-one carrier so you can take your kiddo just about anywhere you want to go, and any way you want to travel. But a multi-sport stroller isn’t just limited to toting your kids around. Read on to find out our top uses for a multi-sport stroller.

Fun for the Whole Family

Multi Sport StrollerStrollers are designed to transport the kids right? Of course, that’s their original function, so obviously we had to put it at the top of our list. Whether you’re going out for a leisurely stroll, dropping off the kids at school, or need to get in a quick workout a multi-sport stroller can do it all. Hook up the bike trailer attachment for longer rides and errands. Use the jogger wheel kit when you need to burn off some energy. Attach the ski kit while on vacation.

There’s nothing better than sharing an active lifestyle with your kids. But those kids do grow, and wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can get so much more out of your stroller?

Haul Groceries or other Errand Cargo

Many strollers and bike trailers have built-in storage areas that are perfect for hauling those extra groceries or books from the library. The Hamax Outback strollers offer 22″x11″x23″ of storage space behind the seats. If that’s not enough room, make sure to pack the vegetables up front with the kiddos, or you might be missing some groceries when you get home.

Bicycle Commuting

Multi Sport Stroller

Have you ever wanted to try bicycle commuting? With a multi-sport bike trailer, commuting by bike is a snap. Load up the kids, your briefcase, and a change of clothes (if necessary) and get pedaling. Studies have shown that kids who bike to school are more alert and ready to learn than those kids that arrive by car.

Carry Sports Equipment

No longer are coaches, parents, and kids limited to arriving to practice in a car. With the versatility of a multi-sport stroller, you can put that bag of soccer balls, football gear, or golf club set in the trailer and get a little extra cardio on the way to practice. Once there, switch out to the stroller attachment, lock up the bike, and head out to the field in style. Parents can free up their arms from chairs, coolers, and umbrellas and enjoy the walk to watch the kids play. Easily removable and/or collapsible seats inside the trailer are extra features on the Hamax Outback that allow for storage of long or bulky equipment.

Spring is here – make the most of it with the Hamax Outback multi-sport stroller.

Bond With Your Children and Your Community

Multi Sport StrollerIncluding your children in on an activity that you enjoy can strengthen your bond and improve your relationship. They get the chance to experience things with you, and you can see through their eyes. Older children will enjoy seeing their neighborhood from a different perspective and will start to build a real sense of community. Invite the neighbors out for an evening walk, run, or ride and get to know them. Or stop off at that little cafe you’ve been meaning to try but can’t seem to find a parking spot at. If you’re up for it, let your child choose the route and direct your morning run. What a sense of freedom and independence they will experience while boosting their self-confidence and becoming more comfortable in their neighborhood.

Tote the Drink Cooler

Multi Sport StrollerAny fun trip to the beach or park isn’t complete without a cooler full of ice, drinks, and snacks. What isn’t fun is having to lug it there and back! A large stroller is the perfect solution for getting that cooler out to the picnic site without straining your back. Plus, the idea of a cooler full of cold drinks on a hot day will get everyone on board with using your new multi-sport stroller in new and different ways.

Now Enjoy Cross Country Skiing as a Family

New this year, the Hamax Outback is getting an upgrade with an optional skiing attachment. This new accessory opens up a whole new world of outdoor activities for the family. Take it on that vacation you’ve been putting off until the kids were older. Make sure the kids are toasty on that winter run to get more hot chocolate. Even mix and match the skis and bike attachments to go fat biking in the snow!

No matter what activity you choose to use your multi-sport stroller for, we know that you’ll love only needing one piece of equipment for all your adventures. Best of all, the Outback collapses to just 11″ tall for easy storage. The attachments can all be stored inside the stroller, and the wheels are easily removable for even flatter storage. Placed inside the optional storage bag, it will be ready and waiting for your next adventure. Whether you’re wandering around the mall, training for your next race, or on the trip of a lifetime, the Hamax Outback is the perfect addition to your family. Don’t miss out on this kid-approved, transportation must have!

Don’t miss out on your favorite activities this spring!