Shopping for a Baby Bike Seat: How to Choose

Get the Best Baby Bike Seat for Your Family

Whether you are a seasoned pro at biking or just getting started, there is something magical about sharing a bicycle ride with a small human. A baby bike seat offers a great way to bring your child along, and there are key features to look for to make sure your child stays comfortable and safe during your trip.

If you already know what type of seat you are looking for, head on over to our comparison chart, otherwise keep reading to learn the basics of shopping for a baby bike seat.

Baby Bike Seat Safety

When choosing your baby bike seat you will want to make sure that the seat follows the safety standards set by ASTM. The ASTM standard only covers rear-mounted bike seats, so for front mounted seats look for the English Standard compliance instead. All baby bike seat models will have weight and age guidelines that you want to confirm as well.

Other safety features to look for are footrests and foot straps, fenders, and reflectors. The foot straps will keep your child’s feet securely in the foot rests so they cannot wiggle about. The fender portion of the seat runs from the seat bottom to the footrest and ensures that little feet or fingers are not able to reach the bike wheel. Reflectors on the back of rear mounted seats are great for visibility both during day and night time.

One-handed adjustability is also a very important safety feature that you should be on the lookout for. This enables you to adjust everything from the shoulder straps and foot rests, to the angle of recline, without ever needing to take your hand off of your child. Keeping one hand on the bike for stability is super important when you’re buckling in and or dismounting a squirmy tike.

Type of Bike

Depending on the bike, your baby bike seat can be mounted on the front, rear or both ends of the bike.As there are thousands of styles of bikes out there, this can often be the most confusing part of the process. Each model of bike seat will have specified dimensions and methods of attaching to the bike that you will want to pay careful attention to. Many front-mounted seats will attach to the bike headset, although some attach to the top tube of bike frame between the stem and saddle. Rear-mount seats can typically be mounted via the stem underneath the saddle, or by attaching to a rack and sitting over the rear tire. Make sure to read the features description carefully when you’re shopping to ensure you pick the right option for you.

Click here to learn more about the differences between front and rear-mounted seats.

Adjustability For Bikes

There are some things in life that your children will grow out of quickly. Shoes are probably the top of that list! The perfect baby bike seat is one that will grow with your child, granting you years of use and enjoyment. Certain models, especially rear-mounted seats like the Hamax Caress, are made for use from 9 months* to 5-6 years depending on weight. The footrests, shoulder straps, and seat back all easily adjust to fit your child as she grows.

Family Lifestyle When Biking

A baby bike seat gives your child a comfortable way to experience the world around them, wherever you're headed.Just as you take your lifestyle into consideration when purchasing a car, you will want to consider your plans and goals for purchasing a bike seat. Many families purchase a bike seat so they can take their children on recreational rides, or short trips to nearby attractions. Other families use bikes as a primary mode of transportation. Depending on your reason for purchasing a baby bike seat, you may find that certain optional functions or accessories are a must for your family.

Many seats have extra features such as the ability to recline, or padded shoulder straps that will make longer rides more comfortable for your little ones. Another optional accessory that makes long rides more pleasant for your baby is a windscreen that sits in front of the handlebars. This makes for a bug-free viewing zone!

If you know what type of seat you are interested in, take a look at our comparison chart here.


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