Don’t Ignore These Important Child Bike Seat Saftey Features

Understandably, safety is at the forefront of every parent’s mind when purchasing a child bike seat for their toddler. Riding together can be rewarding for both parties, so choosing the right child bike seat for you and your little one is essential for a fun and safe ride. Before purchasing a child bike seat, be sure it has these key features:

Meets the American Society standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

ASTM is an international standards organization based in the U.S. that works to create voluntary consensus standards for a wide variety of materials and products. In the US, ASTM has set rigorous standards for safety on child bike seats.

Both the Hamax Caress and Zenith rear-mounted child bike seats exceed this standard in both innovative safety, design and quality of materials. Currently, front position child bike seats are not included in ASTM guidelines, however, the Hamax Observer is also built to the same strict standards. Hamax child bike seats are also TUV certified and meets the English Safety Standard (BS EN 1434). Since child bike seats are much more widely used in Europe than in the US, these standards are even tougher than ASTM’s!

One-Handed Adjustability

When securing your child to the bike seat, it is absolutely paramount that the harness and other features related to fitting and securement are easily adjustable by one hand, so you can always keep one hand on the bike for stability.

Hamax child bike seats are elegantly designed to enable quick, one-handed adjustments. The padded Three-Point Harness System and childproof safety buckle are easily adjustable with one hand. Other features enabled with the single-handed operation are the foot rests and foot straps as well as a sliding backrest that grows with your child to last you and your family for years to come.

Reflectors for Increased Visibility

Reflectors aren’t just needed for low light situations like during dusk, but also increases the visibility for you and your little if you are biking roadside during the daytime. All Hamax child bike seats come equipped with reflectors adhered to the back of the seat for increased visibility and safety both at night and during the day.

While Riding with Your Child, Have Fun and Be Safe

Hamax exceeds safety and quality standards with all Hamax-branded child bike seats subject to thorough testing to ensure that the safety, design, and functionality are maintained throughout the development process. With options to accommodate different age groups, price points and offering both rear and front position child bike seats, visit to see which child bike seat is right for you and your most precious cargo.


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