Which is better, biking or running?

If you’ve been in the fitness world for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard the biking vs running argument at least once. While both biking and running are excellent forms of exercise, there are a few differences between the two. And don’t worry, whether you love biking or running (or both!) we won’t judge.

Does biking or running burn more calories?

Biking or Running with Jogger Running burns more calories than biking per hour. According to the very broad calculations from the American College of Sports Medicine, somebody weighing 150 lbs who runs at a quick 7-minute mile will burn about 1,000 calories per hour. That same 150 lb person cycling at 16-19 mph would only burn about 850 calories in an hour. Both running and cycling are great for suppressing a key hunger hormone called acylated ghrelin. In a back-to-back comparison, a team of British researchers found that both activities suppressed the hunger hormone nearly equally. So even if you aren’t burning as many calories while biking you’ll still get the benefits of hunger suppression.

What sport needs more equipment, biking or running?

Biking can seem like it needs more equipment since you need a bike and helmet. However, runners usually need special shoes and it’s a good idea to rotate through several pairs. Trail shoes are different than road shoes, and you’ll want to replace them about every year or 300-500 miles. Both biking and running sports have special types of clothing that can make your workout more comfortable, but they aren’t required for beginners. More things can go wrong in cycling since you have more technical equipment – but you get to work on your mechanical skills. Get the kids to help you with this easy monthly maintenance checklist.

Is it easier to run or bike your commute?

Commuting by bicycle is much easier and faster than running to your destination. Just make sure to bring a bike lock if you’re stopping for groceries or coffee. Plus with a bike trailer like the Hamax Outback you can carry much more than you would be able to while running. However, if you’re only going a short distance and/or you don’t need to carry anything running to get somewhere can be very freeing.

Biking or running for enjoyment?

Biking or Running with Bike TrailerRunning can be more intense and may induce more soreness the next day. On the other hand, sitting in a bike saddle brings its own kind of soreness. Biking is gentler on the joints as it is non-weight bearing, plus coasting down the hills is quite fun for daredevils and more cautious souls alike.

Whether you prefer biking or running, the Hamax Outback is a great solution. With its easy one-click transition you can go from biking or running with the kids to strolling in minutes. This means you can bike over to the grocery store, switch sport kits, and be walking inside in minutes, all without disturbing the kids. Pop on the jogger wheel for a run during nap time or make a game for older kids with these quick tips. Whatever sport you choose, get outside and Enjoy The Ride.