Get Outside Year-Round With The Hamax Outback Ski Kit

As every parent knows, getting enough exercise while running after toddlers can be tough. Which is crazy since you’re running after toddlers all day. The Hamax Outback multi-sport child bike trailer + stroller definitely saves the day by allowing you to get outside for a bike ride, walk, or even a jog. With the new Hamax Outback Ski Kit, you’ll be able to continue your outdoor activities all through the winter. No matter what your sport, the Outback can handle it. Except swimming… it doesn’t float (yet).

Cross Country Skiing with Baby

The Hamax Outback Ski Kit is perfect for cross-country skiing. In fact, that’s what it was designed for! With extra reinforced Madshus skis and a flexible ergonomic harness that’s adjustable for individual skiing styles, you’ll be comfortable for hours. The harness can be worn under or over your jacket so you can easily adjust to temperature change and exertion level. The hinged tow bar reduces the weight placed on your hips by the harness and allows for users of all heights.

Snowshoeing with Baby

hamax outback ski kit

There’s no rule that says those have to be skis on your feet! The Hamax Outback Ski Kit also works with snowshoes. Snowshoeing with your kiddo is a great way for both of you to get outside on a winter day. It doesn’t take nearly as much equipment (or coordination!) as cross-country skiing does, provides plenty of exercise, and connects you with nature. Remember to dress in layers as you’ll be working harder since you can’t glide like you would on skis.

Fatbiking with Baby

More a fan of cycling than skiing or snowshoeing? That’s totally okay too! The Hamax Outback Ski Kit is made to work with the bike arm. Just swap out your tires or purchase an extra bike hitch and hit the powder with your little ones in tow. The skis don’t interfere with the suspension that is built into the Outback. That means no worrying about going over a few bumps here and there. The kiddos will still be plenty comfy.

However you decide to spend the winter, we hope you’ll #OptOutside for a few grand adventures.


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