Should children wear helmets in bike trailers? We think the answer is an easy yes! Helmets are made for the safety of the child and help to protect their head and neck from injury. To make it as easy and comfortable as possible for your child to wear a helmet in their bike trailer, the Hamax Outback has a recessed area for the helmet, as well as an adjustable/removable head pad.

As fellow parents, we know that we would never intentionally put a child in harm’s way, but sometimes we forget how fragile children are. It is far better to be safe than sorry, especially where kids are concerned.

Why Your Child Should Always Wear a Helmet

helmets in bike trailers

Green: No laws
Yellow: No state law but local laws exist
Red: State laws requiring some minors to wear helmets

Most states or local governments have laws regarding helmet usage for minors. Even if your state doesn’t have a helmet law, it is a good idea for both parent and child to wear one in the case of an accident. Children, whose skulls are not as thick as adults, are more susceptible to head injuries from crashes and accidents.

As a parent, you can set a good example by wearing your helmet when riding the bike. Allow for breaks to stop and get out so your kids can take off their helmets for a while. Make sure when mounting up again, that all straps are securely fastened and the helmets are properly worn. Doing this each and every time you get on the bike, or in the bike trailer, will model good behavior and create an association between the helmet and the fun bike trips for your child. Soon, they’ll be reminding you to get your helmet!

Common Objections to Wearing Helmets in Bike Trailers

There are a few common complaints regarding children wearing helmets in bike trailers. Regardless, we still believe that you and your child should follow all safety precautions available to ensure that your ride is fun, comfortable, and safe for all passengers.

My child is so hot, and the helmet makes them sweat more

With the Hamax Outback multi-sport trailer, there are several different zip-down covers that you can change depending on the weather. If it is quite warm outside, roll up the clear plastic cover and let your kiddo enjoy the breeze through the mesh cover. You can also use the included shade to shield their eyes and face directly from the sun. If you have an older child, a battery operated fan that sprays water might also be welcomed as a fun way to cool off while riding down their favorite trails.

The helmet pushes my child’s head forward awkwardly

Family bike rideSeveral bike trailers, including the Hamax Outback, offer space for the helmet in the seat back area. The Outback bike trailer also has removable cushions, if they are interfering with the child’s sitting position. Make sure that when you are purchasing a helmet that you have chosen one with a close-fitting, curved back portion, instead of the more pointed, sporty versions. Many BMX or skater-style helmets offer this rounded option. Another option is to purchase a U-shaped head support pillow. The Hamax Neck Cushion ensures the child’s neck is supported and comfortable at all times – even when leaning over during nap time.

My child doesn’t like to wear their helmet

If you treat a helmet like a seat belt or life jacket, a required, non-negotiable piece of safety equipment then that is how your child will view it as well. As the parent, you get to decide the rules. Isn’t that fun?

We hope that you will consider ensuring that all riders and passengers wear helmets when planning your next biking trip with the family. If you’re looking for a great place to ride, check out some of our favorite rides in these top biking cities.