While we love DIY projects as much as the next person, with Hamax there’s no need for many of the popular stroller hacks. Pinterest and Instructables have some great ideas, but when it comes to stroller hacks some are just silly looking while others are downright unsafe. There are a few, such as a battery operated fan, that we can totally get on board with. Check out the below stroller hacks to see what you do and don’t need to upgrade when it comes to the Hamax Outback.

Stroller Hacks Ankle Weights vs Large Storage Area

Ankle Weights

Using ankle weights on the front of a stroller to make sure it doesn’t tip over when placing shopping bags on the handles is a great idea for umbrella strollers. Luckily the Hamax Outback has a large storage space built in. The 22″ x 11″ space can hold several shopping bags or even a beach bag and cooler. (beach image)


Stroller Hacks Bike Trailer

DIY Conversion Kits

Converting a stroller to a bike trailer might seem like a simple DIY, but it puts your child in danger. Using a piece of equipment in a way it isn’t meant for goes against manufacturer instructions. And it can leave you open to liability if your child or someone else gets injured. Thankfully the Hamax Outback easily transitions from stroller to bike trailer and back. By purchasing upgrades you can even transform it into a jogging stroller, hiking trailer, or cross-country skiing trailer. And, there’s no need to break out the skill saw or welding torch.


Stroller Hacks Extended Handlebar vs Adjustable

Extended Stroller Handles

Here’s one we know you tall folks will understand. Stroller handles are never tall enough. We totally get it, that’s why we created the Outback with a micro-adjustable push bar. It has the perfect position for you whether you’re 6 foot 5 inches or 5 feet nothing.


Stroller Hacks Rain Cover

DIY Rain Protection

How cute is a shower curtain or poncho going to look laying across your stroller? Never fear, the Hamax Outback is water resistant so if you get caught in a sprinkle the kiddos will stay dry. If you’re going to be running in a downpour or biking in wet weather we do suggest the Rain Cover. It lets your child see you and the view while keeping them nice and cozy.


Stroller Hacks Cup and Snack Holder

Cup and Snack Holders for the Kiddos

No need to run to the sewing machine just yet. The Hamax Outback has pockets on both sides of the interior that are perfect for a baggie of crackers and a sippy cup. If you’re rocking the Outback ONE you could even use the second pocket for sunglasses and a favorite toy to keep your little one entertained.

Stroller Hacks We Love:

As mentioned before, there are a few stroller hacks we can totally get on board with.

Battery Operated Fan

While the Hamax Outback has mesh fabric on the back and an optional mesh front cover, on the hottest days of the year a fan would be an upgrade to any stroller. Clip it on the side if you have a younger child, or opt for a handheld fan for the older kiddos who want to “do it myself”.

Stroller Cooling Pad

An awesome tool for those dog days of summer where you just can’t stay cool enough. These cooling pads sit underneath your child and keep the back sweat at bay. Make sure to check that they aren’t getting too cold every so often!

Stroller Halloween Costumes

We love the idea to incorporate your child’s stroller into their costume! A wonderful way to make sure baby can come out and trick-or-treat without getting tired and cranky or slowing down your older kiddos. Check out these awesome costumes perfect for your Hamax stroller.

Blankets, Animals, and Snuggles

As long as the front cover is rolled down on your Outback so you don’t lose that precious animal or blankie feel free to bring them along for the ride. Having a comfort item for your little one can make long walks, runs, and bike rides the perfect place to settle down for a nap. Its a win-win for everyone!



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