How to Take a Family Bike Ride in (Almost) any Weather

Go on a family bike ride no matter the weather

Family bike rides are a great way to get out and explore the outdoors, get some exercise, and have fun with the whole family. While heading outside in prime summer weather is always a good time, the good news is that a trip out on the bicycle doesn’t have to wait for perfect weather. With some planning and key accessories, you and your littles can enjoy biking during (almost) every season.

Don’t let rain stop your family bike ride

Go for a family bike ride rain or shine! The Hamax poncho protects against rain and wind, ensuring your child stays dry and comfortable at all timesA little drizzle never hurt anyone! Just be sure to dress the kids in layers, topped with appropriate rain gear including jackets and long pants.

A Hamax Rain Poncho will cover your child from head to toe, ensuring that the family bike ride is enjoyable no matter the weather. A Rain Cover for the seat is also a must and will keep the seat dry between uses on a rainy day.

Fenders are another great addition for riding in the rain as they will reduce the spray from tires for both parent and child. Many are easily attached and removed for your convenience.


Ride like the wind

Windscreen for Hamax Observer, perfect for your family bike ride.Be sure to monitor the weather before you head out. Mildly windy weather is certainly doable – most cyclists find they can comfortably handle gusts between 20-25 MPH. Anything more than that may cause instability with a wee rider in tow.

When riding in cool, windy weather, it’s important to remember that your child will be colder than you as they aren’t doing any of the work pedaling. Warm clothes are a must, and the Hamax Rain Poncho works as a windbreaker, covering the child from head to toe. Hamax also offers a Windscreen for the Observer front mount seat. The Windscreen helps protect your little one from both wind chill and bugs.

Insulated hydration packs come in handy for packing along warm liquids, great for a little warm-up during your rest stop.


Braving the snow for a bike ride

Though die-hard riders may be brave enough to venture out in the snow and slush on their bicycle, we do not recommend doing so while using a child bike seat. This might be a good time to bring out hot chocolate and some board games.


Enjoy a family bike ride in the sun

Go for a family bike ride in the sunshine.Going on a family bike ride during warmer weather and clear blue skies seems preferable to the rain, but there can be challenges to higher temperatures as well. You and your child will both be sweating more than usual so be sure to bring along extra liquids. And don’t forget sunscreen! Cover your children with light-weight long sleeves and pants to shield from the sun’s harmful rays as well, and outfit everyone with sunglasses designed to protect against UV rays.

Plan a route with shaded areas and take frequent breaks so the kiddos can run off steam. And if there is ice cream at the end (or middle), even better!

In any weather, preparation can help ensure a comfortable, enjoyable ride. Now it’s your turn to get outside and enjoy biking with your family. Happy riding!

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