From Baby to Preschool & Beyond: Biking with Your Kids

Biking with Your Kids as They Grow

For active parents, biking with your kids can be a fun way to get moving and spend quality time with the family.

Getting the whole family outside does wonders for both the mind and body and finding a way to be active together is a great way to set an example for maintaining an active, fit lifestyle. Here’s the best way to get the most out of your bikes until the kiddos can keep pace with you.

0-2 Years: Front Mounted Child Bike Seat and Multi-Sport Trailer

biking with your kidsSafety and comfort are two of the most important factors in taking your child along for a bike ride. With this in mind, there are a couple options for how to take your children biking with you. Both front mounted seats and bike trailers work well for babies and small children.

With a minimum age of 9 months (or until your child can hold their head steady), the Hamax Observer front mounted child bike seat is a great way to bring your baby along. Having your baby in front of you while biking allows them to see the world the way you see it, plus it’s an added bonus that you can talk with your child and hear/see if they are enjoying the ride as much as you.

The Observer child bike seat offers safety and convenience features such as one-handed adjustments, rubber-padded shoulder straps, and adjustable foot straps. One-hand adjustability ensures that you can keep one hand on baby at all times. The shoulder and foot straps make sure that your little one remains secure and comfortable during your ride.

The second option is to take baby along in a bike trailer or multi-sport trailer. Bike trailers are wonderful if you have an older child as well since the kids can ride together. The Hamax Outback multi-sport trailer even offers a baby insert accessory to accommodate the littlest of riders, ensuring your most precious cargo is as comfortable and safe as possible.
Multi-sport trailers can convert to strollers or jogging strollers giving you expanded usage. With a one click release, the Hamax Outback switches from bike mode to stroller giving you a smooth transition between activities. The Outback also collapses down to 42.5”x32”x12” and the Outback One collapses to 42.5”x26.5”x12”. This makes it super easy to place in the trunk or store in the garage.

3-5 Years: Rear Mount Child Bike Seat and Multi-Sport Trailer

biking with your kidsFor a bike seat option that accommodates a greater weight range (most front mounted child bike seats have a 33 lb weight limit), consider a rear-mounted seat – most typically have a maximum weight limit of 48 lbs. Bike seats are a convenient way to tote along your child and keep them close to you. The Hamax Caress rear mounted seat is also designed with one-handed adjustability for stability with adjustable foot rests, foot straps, seat back, and shoulder straps. When riding in the Caress, seat your child will always be comfortable and secure.

For a versatile solution, the Hamax Outback multi-sport trailer will grow with your child during this stage as well. Adjustable straps, reclining seats, and a roomy and open cabin make the Outback a desirable option for growing kiddos. The bug screen mesh cover, water resistant clear plastic cover, and the sun shade make the Outback a great choice for any weather. Rubber floor mats allow for easy cleaning and convenient pockets for snacks and books let your child feel right at home.

5+ Years: Multi-Sport Bike Trailer

biking with your kidsBike trailers are an excellent option for kiddos who no longer fit in the rear-mounted seats. The Hamax Outback supports up to 88 lbs (75 lbs for the Outback ONE) allowing you to keep biking with your kids a bit longer. Plus, there is extra legroom, reclining seats, and protection from the weather.

Kids love to bring along books, blankies, snacks, and drinks. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can even decorate the bike trailer to make it feel like home! Another fun idea is to invest in a walkie-talkie, complete with a hands-free headset for mom or dad. What a creative way to keep the communication open while biking with your kids in the trailer!

Kim G. from Sumner, WA recently told us that they put the two older kiddos in the bike trailer and use their rear mount child bike seat for the youngest. This lets their family keep getting outside without pressuring the oldest to keep up before he’s ready. “We’ve probably gone out for 20 rides in just a few months, the kids love it so much.”

Eventually, your child will be old enough to ride on their own bike and match you in both pace and distance. Until that day, bike seats and bike trailers are a great way to keep biking with your kids.

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