Follow these Bike Trailer Maintenance Tips For Optimal Performance

Regular bike trailer maintenance may not be at the top of your priority list, but it is a necessary task. Getting out of the house and riding around with the kids is a great way to spend an afternoon. Make sure you’re not worried about a flat tire or loose screw during the ride by following these basic bike trailer maintenance tips. Plus, cleaning your trailer every once in a while will keep it sparkling for years to come.

When should you perform bike trailer maintenance?

We recommend performing bike trailer maintenance whenever you are working on your bike. This may mean weekly or monthly inspections – depending on how often you are riding and using the trailer. At a minimum, you want to do a full check of your bike and bike trailer every six months. There are also a few things to check each time you ride with the Hamax Outback bike trailer.

Bike trailer maintenance before each ride

Bike Trailer Maintenance with Flag

We know that you are anxious to get on the road – especially when the kids are waiting. Quickly running through the below checks will take less than 5 minutes. And it will ensure that you and the kiddos have a safe and fun ride. You can even get the kids to help you do the checks if they are old enough. This turns a dull task into one that the whole family can get in on.

  • Check that the wheels are properly secured to the trailer.
  • Check that the tires are inflated according to the specified tire pressure.
  • Check that the trailer is unfolded properly and the mechanism has clicked into place on each side. Don’t forget to lock the handle in the down position.
  • Check that the seat backrest is well secured and tightened.
  • Check that the safety flag is in place. The flag should be placed on the side nearest the road if at all possible.
  • Use lights whenever required or when riding during dusk or dawn or inclement weather.
  • Check that the trailer hitch is as straight as possible when attaching trailer arm.
  • Ensure that the suspension is adjusted to match your child’s weight. The left and right suspension must be in the same position.
  • Do not exceed the maximum tow speed of 15mph (advised speed 10 mph).
  • Do not exceed the maximum weight of 48.5 per child and a total weight of 88 lbs (75lbs for the Outback ONE).
  • The drawbar load should not exceed 17.5 lbs.

Maintenance of your bike trailer

While you are lubricating your bike chain and checking your brakes, grab your bike trailer and give it a quick once over as well. Check that the push bar is locked in position and does not slip. If so, tighten the nuts located under the fabric on each side of the push bar. Take care to make sure that the nuts are tightened equally on both sides. You’ll also want to regularly re-tighten the straps at the rear of the seat base backrest. Make sure that you start with tightening the top straps and follow by tightening the straps on the bottom. This ensures that your munchkins are positioned upright and ready to look out the windows on your next journey.

Cleaning your bike trailer

Cleaning your bike trailer does not need to be a complicated process. In fact, it’s better to stay away from harsh chemicals when cleaning your Hamax Outback. Use only mild soap and water for the best results. Rinse off the wheels and the Safe Connection point to remove any dirt. Lightly scrub the fabric to remove any spots or stains as necessary. The seat padding can be fully removed from the trailer for cleaning. You can wash the padding by hand or machine wash on cold with a short spin cycle. If removing the padding make sure to take a quick look at how the straps go back together as they do come all the way apart.

The floor of the trailer can be wiped down with a damp rag, using mild soap if necessary. The rubber material makes it super easy to wipe up messes and you can clean out crumbs with a quick sweep of the vacuum. Allow the trailer to dry completely before storing it to prevent the occurrence of mold.

Storage of your bike trailer

Bike Trailer Maintenance Storage CoverIt is highly recommended to store the Outback trailer indoors, in a dry and well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. This will keep the trailer fabric from molding or fading. For even better protection, store your Outback inside the Hamax Storage Cover.

In just a few quick and easy steps you can make sure that your bike trailer is ready for your next ride. Performing bike trailer maintenance each and every time you ride will increase the life of your trailer and keep it in tip-top shape. Letting the kids help with the checks will encourage them to take care of their bikes in the future and allow you to have some extra family time before each ride. Plus, who doesn’t want their 2-year-old in charge of the hose when washing their bike trailer?