Experience the best bike trails in Salt Lake City with your family today!

Looking to take your family on a bike ride this weekend? We’ve put together a list of the best bike trails in Salt Lake City for families just for you. No more worrying about whether the trail will be too difficult or if the scenery is child appropriate. We do think that the best way for your munchkins to view the scenery is in a Hamax Caress child bike seat or Hamax Outback multi-sport trailer though! With built-in suspension, comfy seats, and European safety and design they are a win for both parent and child. Check out the below bike trails to find your next adventure in Salt Lake City.

1. City Creek Canyon/Memory Grove

best bike trails in salt lake city canyon creekThis 1.2-mile path starts at Memory Grove Park and follows the City Creek giving cyclists a gentle climb. A small dirt path known as the Freedom Trail runs parallel to the main paved path for a short while. Memory Grove is a perfect place to go if you have a four-legged child and/or if your two-legged children are completely comfortable with dogs. Dogs are allowed off-leash for much of the park and do go swimming during the warmer months. If you would like to make your journey a bit longer, follow the paved canyon maintenance road for another 5.8 miles before turning back.

2. Jordan River Parkway

best bike trails in salt lake city jordan river parkwayWhen completed the Jordan River Parkway Trail will run more than 40 miles from start to finish. Along the trail are 10 parks and 3 golf courses, giving everyone in the family a chance to stop and play. The paved trail is easy enough for beginners and families with children, and yet keeps even an experienced biker engaged while riding. And, because it’s not attached to a road, the trail is quite safe for younger riders who want to “do it myself”. Make sure to stop at the International Peace Gardens if you choose to ride the southern end of the pathway. Check out a map of the trail and attractions.

3. Liberty Park Trail

best bike trails in salt lake city liberty parkThe oldest and most prominent park in Utah, Liberty Park has been a popular destination for locals and visitors alike since 1882. A wood-chip path and a paved path follow the perimeter of the park and run about 1.3 miles. With the ability to adjust your ride or run based on the kids’ excitement, Liberty Park will quickly become a favorite for the whole family. When you’re ready for a break, visit a playground, feed the ducks, or rent a paddleboat and head out on the lake. And if you need snackage there is a concession stand available near the center of the park. Plan your visit with this handy map.

4. Provo River Parkway

best bike trails in salt lake city provo riverStretching over 15 miles from Vivian Park to Utah Lake State Park this paved trail has something for everyone. Weaving through both commercial and residential areas as well as state, city, and county parks the Provo River Parkway has changing views that will keep the ride interesting for all levels of riders. The trail is multi-use so be prepared to see runners, walkers, and other cyclists along your journey as well. If riding along the Northern end, the Bridal Veil Falls makes for a spectacular view that you won’t want to miss! View the route and plan your trip today.

5. Sugar House Park

best bike trails in salt lake city sugar house parkA 16-foot wide inside lane on the park road offers a perfect place for runners, cyclists, and cross-country skiers (during winter of course!). The park road winds around the perimeter of the park for 1.38 miles giving you enough distance to break a sweat. Ready to sweat more? Take another lap! A few rolling hills break up the mostly flat road and the mountains in the distance provide a beautiful backdrop as you ride. Four-legged friends are welcome but must stay on a leash.
Now that you’ve picked one of the best bike trails in Salt Lake City and reviewed the map, make sure to pack some snacks and a camera. Then grab the fam and your Hamax gear (don’t forget the helmets!) and head out to explore, experience, together.

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